Friday, July 15, 2011

Another day in Paradise

Studying abroad can be great, you get to get out and explore what else the world has to offer. But today is kinda a quiet day and its days like these that make you wonder what your missing back at home and how badly you want to see your family!
I am a bit homesick I guess you could say. But when you have a cold and flu like symptoms all you want is your mum to bring you soup and take care of you! Ha guess I'm on my own.
Never the less, last night was super fun and I must blog about it! I hope Gawon had a great birthday. It would be weird studying abroad and have your birthday come along. I am glad everyone could make it feel a bit like home on her birthday!

We went to see Macbeth at Trinity college, which, I hardly understood. I am not a big Shakespeare person but the play was outdoors and we got to drink Pimms lemonade, which was wonderful.
Anna explained the play to me after and I couldn't thank her enough; it was like a light bulb went off in my head and I actually understood the play! It is much more exciting when you understand it!

As the play ended we headed off to Kings Arms and sure enough the actors from the play were also at the pub! Kaitlin and I had a chat with the actor that was wearing flannel like pants in the play and no shirt on. It seems as though he decided a shirt was necessary for the pub! There were so many people out at the Kings Arms, we meet up with some locals and had quiet an awesome time. They taught me how to say whatever and make it sound like I'm British! HAHA! You have to say it without pronouncing the T so its like wa-ever. I don't feel like a tourist in Oxford anymore I definitely feel like I'm starting to fit in. Now only if someone would ask me for directions~
Overall it was a fun night and I wanted to blog about it. We did a lot this week, with punting, to the move to Jesus College Graduate housing, classes, and research. I will blog about that tomorrow when I do a much needed catch up session :)
Just wanted to give a shout out to my mom; when she told me she was reading my blogs I was completely overwhelmed with happiness. Love you and miss you I can't believe I won't see you until September but it will come soon enough. And thanks to anyone else reading these it means a lot to me!!
Sunset over Oxford Copyright: Chuck
Thanks for the wonderful picture!

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