Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On a happier note! :)

I got inducted into the Bodleian libraries this morning! Now for everyone back home that may seem a bit dual but a woman in academic robes made me recite an oath so I feel pretty special!
I am just thrilled to be able to do my research inside the Bodleian library!
Besides going into city center to the bodleian library, today was a chill day.

I am super tired from last night, I did not sleep must. I keep getting awakened by all different sorts of noises; once it was my roommates IMing, then the fire alarms every once in a while beeps, or the owl outside are window. Of course are room is also very warm, due to the weather being unexpectedly warm!!
Last night a few of us went to Maxwell's, which was an awesome bar/pub. They had American Flags on the wall, I felt right at home. It was a Monday night so the bar was dead, but we did get free shots!! Got to love the British hospitality!

This housing place sure makes me miss my memory foam and my own pillow and home cooked meals. I will never take my comfy bed or my moms cooking for granite ever again!

Oxford Reading: Shopping & F*cking

I found this reading to be very disturbing; the sexually-violent content was too much.
What I got out of the story, though, was that no matter how much money you have you can't buy happiness. You can have all the money in the world to go shopping but doesn't mean when you get home your going to be happy. Drugs in the context of this story, numbed the character Mark, because he is also unhappy. This story seems very depressing.
I'm not sure, but was this written to shake people up in the British world, to say, "Hey, we have a problem arising in our community we need to do something to correct Europe before it goes corrupt?"
If anyone else has any comments on this story please comment I am interested in what other people thought?!

Monday, June 27, 2011

warm rain in oxford :)

I thought this would be the perfect time to blog about the annoying alarm going off in the oriel hall, wow its horrible! Besides not having any peace and quiet the last few days here in oxford has been pretty good.

Sundays class was great because we got to go on a walk and we had class under a shade tree in the park. It was very warm out for Oxford, but I was in heaven. I love the heat, even though it is a bit more muggy here than in the States. There were people punting on the river, which looked very fun I can't wait to try it. A very inportant thing learned here in oxford is that on sundays not many things are open, if they are open its only for a very short time! Sunday was a nice day to read and chill at the EF center after class.

Todays walking tour was just magnificent. We went inside the Sheldonian theatre and the view from up top was awesome! You could see the Bodleian library area, the hills of oxford, and many other fabulous buildings. New College is also a college I would like to check out, from the outside it looked very cool. I got so many awesome pictures of the inside of the colleges; I can't believe how grand and detailed all the architecture is.

After the tour we went to a wonderful restaurant called the Crown. I had the best fish and chips ever!! Still getting used to paying first before getting the food. As we get up to leave I feel like I need to pay but I already have! Also not getting a water with your meal, most places you have to ask for water or get it yourself at the bar.  After our early dinner, we went shopping. Many shops close early, I couldn't believe by 6 pm all the stores close! I did get some very awesome shoes and they were on sale!score!

Now would probably be a good time to read and rest, i can't believe I still feel a bit jet lagged!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheers Love

Just getting use to hearing cheers love.
I arrived in Oxford Thursday and just now feel settled in! For a few days I thought I was back in Washington besides the crazy bus ride and the whole driving on the other side of the road. But the rain and the weather felt just like Washington; until today it was muggy & warm & I didn't mind a bit.
I handed a guy some pounds and I called them dollars, that also told me I wasn't in the states, I got laughed at!! But its all part of the oxford experience right!
I can't wait for the tour tomorrow I am really enjoying oxford & wish I could study here for a whole year!
I can't believe how many colleges are in this one area and can't wait to tour the city and take a look inside the colleges! The architecture of all the buildings are just magnificent.